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Magfed PB UK

We created a highly stylised ecommerce website. Through our SEO service the website ranks very highly in Google and other search engine results. Sales continue to grow month-on-month.

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Client Magfed PB UK

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MAGFEDPBUK had identified a niche market which they could supply. With first-hand knowledge and proven business accumen, the owner was well placed to continue expanding his business.

We worked hard to create a highly stylised ecommerce website which then (through our SEO service) began to climb the ranks in Google and other search engine results.

Daily visitor numbers have more than doubled, the website has been well received within the industry and a very respectable increase in turnover reflects its success.

The owner of MAGFEDPBUK was kind enough to give us this testimonial:

“I started a new business and the growth of it has better than expected and I needed to find someone, a company that would understand my vision I had for the web site I want to build, and as I knew Paul and his awesome company eMedia South West I thought I would give him a try and see if he could deliver on my vision.

And I am happy to say that eMedia South West and  Paul have blown me away with their awesome service and ability to take what I say and make it happen on my site.


Paul is very understanding and takes the time to listen to what I need and is open enough to take criticism and then go away and work on it till he gets it to the point that you are happy. He has transformed my business and my earning potential by so much I would have thought it possible. But here we are months in and one of the biggest growing online stores in my sector and just about number 1 on searches for item relating to my industry on Google.


He did the work to insure I have a professional and easy to operate web site that beats the competition hands down. And with the growth of the online market place he is helping me to stay in front of the rest and means more sale more growth and more profit.


I and my website is a testament to awesome work that eMedia South West and Paul Lincoln can have done and would recommend anyone to be privileged to use his services.”